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simple bash function to prefix any given command with sudo if needed

The title of this entry tells it all. I've create a simple bash function to prefix any given command expression with sudo if needed. If needed means, if you are not root. It is totally simple but to be true, it took me time to use my bash skills to write it. Imagine you now how to draw a cloud, the sun, a tree and a house and once you figure out how to concatenate all of that elements to draw a picture for your parents ;-).

if [[ $# -lt 1 ]];
    echo "Invalid number of arguments provided"
    echo "${FUNCNAME[0]} <command to execute>"
    return 1

if [[ $(whoami) == "root" ]];
    sudo $@

Looks like Chuck Norris is using github right now. Github is down, otherwise I would add a link to the fitting repository commit. Github is back online, here is the promised link to the commit.

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