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PHP Component - Data Type

By using this component, you are able to use type hints also for basic data types.
This component includes class definitions for php basic data types like:

  • Boolean
  • Floating point
  • Integer
  • String
  • Numeric


  • Enables type hints for basic php types
  • Types shipped with useful methods
  • Are comparable with native php types by using "=="
  • Provides generic type casting by implemented "toString()" methods (and so on)



 * Class with type hint for string
 * @author stev leibelt 
 * @since 2013-08-04
class MyClass
     * @var array
     * @author stev leibelt 
     * @since 2013-08-04
    private $strings = array();

     * Super cool method with type hint for string
     * @author stev leibelt 
     * @since 2013-08-04
    public function addString(\Net\Bazzline\Component\DataType\String $string)
        $this->strings[] = $string;

        return $this;

$myString = new \Net\Bazzline\Component\DataType\String('super cool test string');

$myClass = new MyClass();


  • Extend provided types with classes in own namespace.
  • If you add a super cool method to your type, push it and be a part of the development team


Via Git

cd path/to/my/git/respositories
mkdir -p stevleibelt/php_component_data_type
cd stevleibelt/php_component_data_type

git clone git:// .

Via Composer

require: "net_bazzline/component_data_type": "dev-master"


I started developing this component because of the many casts i have to do while dealing with php's basic data types. As general, i searched the web for existing and easy to use components but could not find them. If you find one, please tell me. Last but not least SplTypes are still experimental.


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