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FrOSCon - Open Source Storage Management With openATTIC

My first german talk today so hopefully the human "just in time translation" has a less error state today ;-).

openATTIC with David Breitung.

it-novum GmbH
Edelzeller Str. 44
36043 Fulda

The Two Faces Of Cloud

User View

  • flexibility
  • rapid deployment
  • costs
  • high availability

Producer View

  • ...

What Defindes A Unified Storage

  • high availability
  • freedrom of used protocol
  • storage efficiency
  • centraliced management
  • process integration
  • scalable

High Availablility

  • data mirroring
    • block based
    • file based
    • syncron
    • asyncron
  • cluster failover
    • automatated
    • ...

Freedom Of Protocol

  • NAS protocol
    • CIFS/SMB
    • NFS
    • AFP
  • SAN protocol
    • iSCSI
    • Fibrechannel
    • FCoE
    • Infiniband

storage efficiency

  • deduplication
  • compression
  • over commitment
  • thin provisioning
  • snapshotting

Centraliced Management

  • administration
    • web frontend
    • command line tool
    • api
  • openATTIC is a master/slave system
  • minitoring (by using nagios, check itcockpit)
    • availability
    • ressources
    • performance

Process Integration

  • automated backup process
    • intelligent backups by SnapApps (for consistent snapshots)
    • to backup a database in good health (consistent) state
  • automated server deployment
    • request by user, helpdesk or api
    • ...
    • deployment
    • feedback
  • Snapshotting
    • check snapshot
    • backup healthy snapshot


  • disc scaling
    • more controllers
    • more shelfs
    • more discs
  • node scaling
    • openATTIC Hosts
    • other hosts


  • benefits by freedom of choice for server choosing
  • software and license cost
  • running environment since a lot of tools are community driven

Why Open Source

  • vendor lock
  • security
  • flexibility
  • cost (...)
  • innovation


  • community edition
    • supported by community
    • basis functionality
    • open source
    • central web console
    • nas protocol
    • san protocol
    • deduplication
  • enterprise edition


  • benefits by freedom of choice for server choosing
  • software and license cost
  • running environment since a lot of tools are community driven

Basic Framework (Down To Up Layer)

  • service and tools and vendor plugins
  • backend
  • core (deamon, python django based))
  • frontend (XML RPC API, extJS)
  • interfaces

Next Steps

  • fibrechannel, fcoe
  • more interfaces to vendors
  • more snap apps
  • content adressable storage (cas, hadoop)
  • glusterFS
  • object storeage planned in the far future
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