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Web - Create bootable usb stick with multiple linux iso files

Ok, as everybody i am running out of time but i want to play around some linux distributions. For playing around you either need some virtual pc's or a real one and some blank cd's/dvd's.

Inasmuch as i want to install it on a subnotebook, i decided to use a real pc. The only question is, should it be a debian (or a child of debian) or arch linux? I couldn't decide so i need to install/start and try them out. But for trying you need blank cd's/dvd's or a usb stick. I guess my household hasn't seen a blank cd or dvd for quite a while, means the selection met the usb stick.

The general process was to us a tool like unetbootin, by using "dd" of find howtos like the one at nixCraft. By the way, this howto is pretty cool since even linux starters are learning a bit the power of linux tools :-). But all methods are ending up with the effect "on os per usb stick". When you want to try out multiple OS, this i definitely not a satisfying method ;-).

Thats why i searched in the www and found a lot of solutions. Because of the numbers, i decided to write an entry :-).

First i found something at the german arch linux board. Even the link at the end is even better. By the way if you have some loopback problems, try to take a look at link. Also the howto from is worth to have a look.

But i must admit, i want to have it nice and gui driven like the windows tool sardu i mention here. After i while, i was near by to do it the arch way but the god of laziness had mercy on my soul and presented me the link to multisystem. It is very easy to use, fast and works like a charm :-D.

By the way, since my plan was to have fun with the subnotebook, the choice felt on arch. Just for fun you know (and the community it is worth.

By searching for a funny distro to try, i stumbled over the good old slax i never booted - maybe in the future :-D.


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