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Manage your windows installed software with chocolatey and backup your collection by using this little manager

While working more and more with windows, I wanted the freedom of having a centralized packagemanager under the hood to ease up "keeping software up to date" or manage installed software in general.

Right now, I ended up using chocolatey.

After using it and building up my "finest selection" of installed software, I wanted to backup this collection.

I found the needed powershell commands pretty fast. Since I am a lazy person, I wanted to even ease up this by just having two scripts doing all the "heavy work" for backing up and restore this software collection.

After 30 minutes of work, I was able to release version one of my chocolatey manager.

This is a simple wrapper to backup and restore packages maintained by chocolatey.

The "" will install chocolatey if not installed. The "" will create a local file containing the currently installed packages.

Hope I can put you too more into the lazy area with this.

Cheers, artodeto

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How to set a proxy for Signal-Desktop on Windows

If you want to use signal behind a cooperate proxy, you have to write a little bat script to set some proxy variables in the environment before starting signal. Copy and paste the following code into a file like set_proxy_and_start_signal.bat.

:: ####
:: # Sets http and https proxy variables and starts signal.
:: ####
:: # @see:
:: # @since: 2020-02-14
:: # @author: stev leibelt <[email protected]>
:: ####

set HTTP_PROXY=<your proxy>
start %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\signal-desktop\Signal.exe

If you want to know more here is the thread for this issue.

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solving arch linux error message: ":: installing pacman (5.2.1-1) breaks dependency 'pacman<=5.1.3' required by yay"

If you get the error message below, there are easy steps you have to do to fix this.

:: installing pacman (5.2.1-1) breaks dependency 'pacman<=5.1.3' required by yay
  • yay -S yay-bin
  • sudo pacman -Syy
  • sudo pacman -S pacman
  • yay -Syyu

So all in all, you will replace yay with yay-bin since yay-bin is newer and supports latest pacman. Afterwards, you are updating your database followed by updating pacman to the latest version. Finally, you will do your regular system update maintenance.

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