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froscon 2014 - not being an asshole is not enough

Ellen K├Ânig at redfrog conf

for the community?

  • do not block new possible members
  • ideas comes from our background
  • people with different background would have different ideas

for the affected individuals

  • only the ones working with (open source) software can have impact on the way this software will grow
  • those people with better starting conditions have better opportunities

mental schemas equals duck typing

  • common ground differs if you thing about "woman" and "programmers"
  • if "she" does not fit into the category of a programmer, she would not be recognized as a programmer

how does dis impact the daily routine

  • implicit bias
  • stereotype threat
  • ingroup bias
  • accumulating disadvantage

now, what can we do?

  • not doing dramatic shifts
  • more of beeing aware
  • doing small stuff
  • thinking of your values in challenging situations
  • insist on a fair distribution of stereotypical tasks
  • seek out visible, influential roles
  • focus on learning over performing
  • evaluate fairly, objectively and anonymized
  • encurage and support "safe spaces"
  • endorse, promote and mentor minority community members
  • share stories of your own struggles in similar situations
  • participate fairly in stereotypical tasks
  • refer to objective standards when giving feedback
  • encourage minority members to take opportunities

typicall learning curve

  • unconscious incompetence
  • consicous incomepence (current state in community)
  • conscious competence
  • unconscious competence