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web - Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK and Source Code Release

Today we are excited to announce Tizen 1.0 Larkspur, including the addition of new complimentary components, as well as source code that focuses on enhancing stability and performance. We believe that these updates and new offerings improve the experience for developers. We are also continuing to work on improvements and additions, and we will be doing frequent updates to the SDK and source code. There are a few additional components that we plan to add in the coming weeks, and we will continue to fix bugs and add additional features.

You want to start or take a deep look to the source code? Check out the source page.

web - open source linux tablet Vivaldi with KDE Plasma Active

More or less the vivaldi is a rebranded chines tablet with an kde plasma actice desktop/user experience on top. But all in all, the hardware of current tablets reachs a potential that should be enough for not rocket science task. Thats why i am very exited about this table. With raspberrypi for the tv and vivaldi for the easy task, i will became a cool gadget year ;-).