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How to update your arch linux without the kernel

If you are using archzfs and the zfsonlinux, you know that it can happen from time to time that you have to wait until packages are updated to the newest kernel (or lts kernel). Whenever you want to upgrade your system, you get an error like the following.

:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: spl-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'
:: zfs-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'
:: zfs-utils-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'

To update your system without the kernel (and its dependencies), you can use the following trick.

#example if you use the lts kernel
#if you use plain pacman
pacman -Syyu --ignore=linux-lts,linux-lts-headers
#if you use pacaur
pacaur pacman -Syyu --ignore=linux-lts,linux-lts-headers

Thats it :-).

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X11 freezes and system total hang up on an Lenovo X250 i7-5600U since kernel 4.6.2 (arch linux)

Hey folks, since kernel 4.6.2 I got a lot of X11 freezes as well as unusable gui tools (delayed inputs, scrolling and broken display rendering). Also all the virtual box clients are behaving the same. Only the chromium gui and xterm were usable (well, xterm only on my host, not on the virtual box clients).
I tried my best and here are the changes I made that stopped the system from a total freeze since four days:

#run as root
cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel-graphics.conf < DELIM
Section "Device"
    Identifier      "Intel Graphics"
    Driver          "intel"
    Option          "AccelMethod"   "uxa"
    Option          "NoAccel"       "True"

I am crossing fingers it is working on your machine also.

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web - zfsonlinux 0.6.4. released - zfs-announce mailing list

The Linux team is happy to announce a new release of OpenZFS on Linux. The 0.6 4 release adds support for 6 new feature flags, multiple new properties, asynchronous IO, support for Linux kernels up to 4.0 and more.
* Compatible with kernels up to Linux 4.0.
* New feature flags (additional details below):
- spacemap_histogram
- extensible_dataset
- bookmarks
- enabled_txg
- hole_birth
- embedded_data
* New asynchronous I/O (AIO) support.
* New fallocate() FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE support.
* New fragmentation metric in 'zpool list'.
* New LZ4 compression of meta data.
* New "redundant_metadata" property controls desired redundancy level.
* New "overlay" property controls behavior for non-empty mount points.
* New 'zpool list -v' shows individual disk capacity.
* New 'zpool get -H' (scripted mode) support.
* New 'zpool create -t' creates a pool with a temporary name.
* New script from FreeNAS.
* New bash completion support.
* New DTRACE_PROBES integrated with Linux tracepoints.
* New compressed block histograms with zdb.
* New verbatim pool imports with zdb.

What a release, thank you very much for the work and the damn long list of new features, improvements and bug fixes!

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Take a look how linux kernel hackers have arranged their home offices

I found a great article on phoronix called "The Tour Of Linus Torvalds' Home Office". Inside are a few videos. Just take a few minutes and watch them. Their are two cool things to learn.
A treadmill desk for regular browsing in the web.
My office is looking still normal (not that much pc's, cables etc. :-D).

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web - kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

The SUSE method for live kernel patching, kGraft, is being proposed for possible inclusion into the linux-next branch in hopes it will be merged into an upcoming Linux kernel release cycle.

The kGraft patches for live kernel patching continue to be revised and reviewed but at the same time there's still Kpatch that's been developed by Red Hat with some different design principles for updating the running kernel in real-time. To date there's been no general consensus on the superior solution nor any agreement to try to merge Kpatch and kGraft.

On Wednesday, Jiri Slaby of SUSE proposed in a new mailing list thread to kernel developers that kGraft be added to the -next tree for the kernel.

While the proposal was made, there was some immediate resistance since there's still no collaboration between kGraft and Kpatch. Additionally, some developers don't like that kthread management is being further complicated by the current kGraft patches. We'll keep monitoring the Kpatch vs. kGraft patches and will provide updates when there's a consensus on the matter.


Would be awesome to see this in action!

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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.6.6-1-ARCH

I run into a lot of trouble when i try to compile and want to run the current state of zfsonlinux. I tried a lot and by spending more time then expected and doing configurations/script adaptations i real don't understand 100 percent, i was able to keep things running. Nevertheless, i am happy that the aur package from zfsonlinux is updated a few hours ago. While writing, i have finished the building and now my zfs is up and running smoothly :-).

Back on the trusted aur package site of arch linux, you just have to follow a few steps to keep your zfs back online. Following are the links to the the aur package, followed by the git source file and the aur pacman informations you need for building (makepkg). spl-uitls spl zfs-utils zfs

Thanks again to the team of and also to the aur package maintainer demizer (including every member of his team) by providing this easy way of using this great filesystem on linux.

Not perfectly matching but also worth a look, at the EuroBSDcon, there was a session about "tuning ZFS on FreeBSD". It is FreeBSD but take some minutes and take a look at the slides. The more you know about zfs, the more you can handle it (and praise a bit to the r.i.p. company sun of course).

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web - The spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc11_2 and arch linux kernel 3.6.2-1

So i run into trouble building the zfsonlinux on the kernel 3.6.2-1. I could not build the spl part. So currently i only can build up by the git source.

Use spl and zfs and build it (./, ./configure, make pkg, pacman -U *.tar.xz).

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web - The spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc11 release candidate is available

This release includes several ZFS improvements which were backported from Illumos and a variety of bug fixes. Full details and proper attribution for this work is below. Highlights include: - Support for ZVOL based swap devices - Support for preemptible kernels - Vastly improved msync() performance - Improved behavior under low memory conditions - Improved 'zpool import' search behavior - Added 'zstreamdump' command from Illumos - Added 'zfs get -t " support from Illumos - Fixed 'ZFS replay transaction error 5' - Fixed SA based xattr coherency issue - Fixed various NFS issues
If you want to know more, check out the following link (including change log as well). source

I must assume, i'm currently quite happy that my tank is running smoothly, maybe i give it a try on the weekend :-), ZVOL as swap is it worth definitly. The arch linux links are already updated.

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web - arch linux zfsonlinux 0.6.0 rc10 available and ready for build

The guys from aur arch linux had finaly managed to add all files for you to build the zfsonlinux for the new 3.5.3-1 Kernel.

You need to download (wget), build (makepkg) and install (pacman -U *.tar.gz) the four following packages: spl-utils 0.6.0_rc10-1 spl 0.6.0_rc10-1 zfs-utils 0.6.0_rc10-1 zfs 0.6.0_rc10-1

Everythings runs pretty smooth from my point of view. Have fun and reenjoy one of the best filesystems available.

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linux - EXT4 In kernel 3.5 Gets CRC32 Meta-Data

Posted by Michael Larabel on June 01, 2012 The pull request for the EXT4 file-system in the Linux 3.5 kernel and there's one prominent new feature. The EXT4 file-system with the Linuux 3.5 kernel will now support CRC32 check-sums on the meta-data fields. This work was done by Darrick J Wong to further improve the reliability of the EXT4 file-system. The EXT4 on-disk layout has changed to support the extended meta-data check-summing. Aside from this new feature, there's the usual list of bug-fixes and clean-ups. The EXT4 Linux 3.5 pull request can be viewed at

Cool, i never thought about the idea to extend the ext4 since zfs is the only way to go for my head ;-).

Don't get me wrong, it is no killerfeature but it is nice to read that ext4 gets extended.

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