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web - An ARM emulator written in JavaScript

Arm-js is an ARM emulator written in Javascript. It emulates ARMv7-A and some peripherals of Versatile Express. It can boot Linux 3.6.1 and run busybox processes.

Get Started

1. Download the source code 1. git clone git:// 2. cd arm-js/ 3. git submodule init 4. git submodule update 2. Execute ruby misc/simple-http-server.rb on terminal 3. Access http://localhost:8080/arm-js.html 4. Push Boot button at the top-left corner to start the emulator


Well, what can i say. Because of freaky projects like that, i started to like javascript more and more :-D.

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Web - Raspberry Pi - beta device out now - CuBox also an alternative

These are populated boards from our first run of beta devices. They’re undergoing electrical testing alongside hardware and software testing at the moment, and if all goes well, the Raspberry Pi you’ll be buying in January (or by auction later this month if they all work as they should) will be exactly like one of these.

I am crossing fingers that beta test runs fine. It is so awesome that such a tiny device can do such a lot.

While browsing through the internet, i also found another device called CuBox.

This device comes with a pre installed os, so it is really plug and play. The main advantage are the available ports, like hdmi, two usb, eSata etc.

I found a german review on "Der". I also stumbled over OpenELEC which is a optimized linux to run XBMC and has an easy to install (on hdd, flash etc.) guide.

Maybe my i will plug in such a device in my tv at home soon :-D.

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