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nextcloud upgrade 13 - how to upgrade from nextcloud 12 to 13

I am doing all via the command line. I've a separate data directory (not included below public/data).

Here are my simple steps (database backup not included). I did the upgrade from the latest 12 release. This is a KISS tutorial.

cd <root path>
wget ""
mv public public_12_0_5
mv nextcloud public
cp public_12_0_5/config/config.php public/config/config.php
rsync -rv --dry-run public_12_0_5/apps public/apps
#if needed
#rsync -rv public_12_0_5/apps public/apps

Good luck on your side.

Currently, I've found one issue with my news application.

I needed to execute following SQL statement:

UPDATE oc_jobs SET reserved_at = 0 WHERE (argument = '["OCA\\News\\Cron\\Updater","run"]' OR class = 'OCA\\News\\Cron\\Updater');

Thanks to the how to fix it section.

android caldav (calendar) sync is not working anymore with nextcloud 12

I don't thing nextcloud 12 is the issue here. Simple the old used "caldav" application and the connected AndroidCaldavSyncAdapater is not working anymore. I've removed the users everywhere as well as the application. I've switched the phone to use the DAVDroid installable via F-Droid.

The setup is so easy I won't write a howto section here.

Just be fair and donate some money to DAVDroid since the application is working out of the box.

nextcloud 11 and exported calendars

Just figured out that my calendars in thunderbird where not working anymore after the nextcloud 11.0.0. A quick look and comparison I spotted the change, "caldav" changed to "dav" in the url. Example needed?


In thunderbird, you can change this quickly. Stop thunderbird and edit "~/.thunderbird//prefs.js". Search for "/caldav", replace it and thats it.

migration from owncloud 9 to nextcloud 9.0.50

I just migrated my installation from owncloud 9 to nextcloud 9.0.50.
Only one thing is not working, the notes application simple shows me an empty list of notes. beside that, it is more like a new theme.

At the moment we only support manual migrations from ownCloud 8.2 and 9.0 to Nextcloud 9.

To do that please follow the usual upgrading steps:

* Delete everything from the ownCloud folder except data and config
* Download the Nextcloud 9 release from
* Put the files into the folder where the ownCloud files where before
* Trigger the update either via OCC or via web.


I did the following steps.

#make a backup of your database
#log into your server and cd to the owncloud path
#assuming your installation is in the directory "cloud"
./occ maintenance:repair
cd ..
cp -rv cloud/config nextcloud/
cp -rv cloud/data nextcloud/
mv cloud owncloud
mv nextcloud cloud
cd cloud
./occ upgrade
./occ app:list
#enable the apps you want

Update from 2016-06-26
I created a small script. Here it is.

# @author stev leibelt 
# @since 2016-06-26                                                                                                            
#begin of runtime environment validation                                                                                
if [[ $# -lt 1 ]]; then                                                                                                 
    echo "invalid number of variables provided"                                                                         
    echo " "                                                                         
    exit 1                                                                                                              
if [[ -d backup ]]; then                                                                                                
    echo "backup directory sill exists"                                                                                 
    exit 1                                                                                                              
#end of runtime environment validation                                                                                  
#begin of local runtime variables                                                                                       
LOCAL_CURRENT_DATE=$(date +'%Y-%m-%d')                                                                                  
#end of local runtime variables                                                                                         
#begin of downloading new version                                                                                       
wget $LOCAL_URL_TO_THE_NEXT_VERSION                                                                                     
unzip *.zip                                                                                                             
#end of downloading new version                                                                                         
#begin of making backups                                                                                                
cd public                                                                                                               
tar --ignore-failed-read -zcf "public.$LOCAL_CURRENT_DATE.tar.gz" public                                                
./occ maintenance:singleuser --on                                                                                       
cd ../                                                                                                                  
mkdir backup                                                                                                            
cp -rv public/config backup/                                                                                            
cp -rv public/data backup/                                                                                              
mv public $LOCAL_PUBLIC_BACKUP_PATH                                                                                     
#end of making backups                                                                                                  
#begin of upgrade                                                                                                       
mv nextcloud public                                                                                                     
cp -rv backup/config public                                                                                             
cp -rv backup/data public                                                                                               
cd public                                                                                                               
./occ upgrade                                                                                                           
./occ maintenance:singleuser --off                                                                                      
echo "enable the apps you need with ./occ app:enable "                                                            
./occ app:list                                                                                                          
#end of upgrade