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`error: archzfs: signature from "ArchZFS Bot <>" is unknown trust` and how to solve it

I ran into this error error: archzfs: signature from "ArchZFS Bot <>" is unknown trust on multiple machines over the last days.

Since one machine was working which is also running one of my dns servers, I was searching into this direction. After a while, I switched all my machines using this one dns server without fixing the real issue. Furthermore, by just trying to refresh keys with sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys, I ran into another error: gpg: WARNING: Tor is not running.

I could solve this with a one liner:

echo "no-use-tor" >> ~/.gnupg/dirmngr.conf

Next step was finally to delete the broken key and re-import ist again.

sudo pacman-key -d DDF7DB817396A49B2A2723F7403BD972F75D9D76
sudo pacman-key -r DDF7DB817396A49B2A2723F7403BD972F75D9D76
sudo pacman-key --lsign-key DDF7DB817396A49B2A2723F7403BD972F75D9D76

After running through all this steps, I was able to run a system update again with pacman.

Thanks to this issue report on github, this entry on redit and this entry on

archzfs has a new key and a new maintainer for the unofficial arch linux user repository

The unofficial but great archzfs build has a new maintainer and most important, a new key.

#pacman-key -r F75D9D76
#pacman-key --lsign-key F75D9D76

And you are ready to upgrade. The key was changed since they are now using a buildbot to reduce the time between new kernel release and adapted archzfs package. Thanks for your great work people!

How to update your arch linux without the kernel

If you are using archzfs and the zfsonlinux, you know that it can happen from time to time that you have to wait until packages are updated to the newest kernel (or lts kernel). Whenever you want to upgrade your system, you get an error like the following.

:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: spl-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'
:: zfs-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'
:: zfs-utils-linux-lts: installing linux-lts (4.9.32-1) breaks dependency 'linux-lts=4.9.30'

To update your system without the kernel (and its dependencies), you can use the following trick.

#example if you use the lts kernel
#if you use plain pacman
pacman -Syyu --ignore=linux-lts,linux-lts-headers
#if you use pacaur
pacaur pacman -Syyu --ignore=linux-lts,linux-lts-headers

Thats it :-).