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version 1.0.0 of process pipeline component for php released

I happy to announce the release of 1.0.0 of bazzlines process pipeline component for php. This component will easy up the creation of process pipe.

Indeed, it is a pseudo pipeline (process collection or process batch) since the php process is single threaded so far.

Special thanks to Ralf Westphal and especially for his book the architects napkin.


  • separate complex operations into simpler
  • easy up unit testing for smaller processes
  • separate responsibility (data generator/transformer/validator/flow manipulator)
  • create process chains you can read in the code (separate integration code from operation code)
  • no dependencies (except you want to join the development team)

How to use?

use Net\Bazzline\Component\ProcessPipe\ExecutableException;
use Net\Bazzline\Component\ProcessPipe\InvalidArgumentException;
use Net\Bazzline\Component\ProcessPipe\Pipe;

try {
    $pipe = new Pipe();

        new ProcessOne(), 
        new ProcessTwo()

    $output = $pipe->execute($input);
} catch (ExecutableException) {
    //handle process exception
} catch (InvalidArgumentException) {
    //handle pipe exception

How to install?

By Hand

mkdir -p vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_process_pipe
cd vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_process_pipe
git clone

With Packagist

composer require netbazzline/phpcomponentprocesspipe:dev-master
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Easy Up Migration From Existing Log4Php Applications To Psr Logger Applications

It is a bit mean to put such a headline on top, but thats the current status we have to deal with at our company. I also don't want to bash somebody, Log4Php is doing its job in a great way. But since i developed a proxy logger component, i want to use it. The proxy logger component can work with psr logger interface, so i need to create a adapter to get it used ;-).

The psr and log4php adapter is a easy component and provides only two classes.

  • Log4Php to Psr Logger Bridge
  • Psr Logger to Log4PhP Bridge
  • Log4Php Logger Interface

The usage is simple, depending on the way you either choose the adapter "Log4PhpToPsrLoggerAdapter" or "PsrToLog4PhpAdapter". The only drawback, you are loosing the "trace" log level of log4php and all the fancy stuff of a log4php logger. This component is simple and has just a few lines of code (you are welcome to join), so the main focus is to support the log level methods like "$logger->warn()" and not more.

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PHP Component - Data Type

By using this component, you are able to use type hints also for basic data types.
This component includes class definitions for php basic data types like:

  • Boolean
  • Floating point
  • Integer
  • String
  • Numeric


  • Enables type hints for basic php types
  • Types shipped with useful methods
  • Are comparable with native php types by using "=="
  • Provides generic type casting by implemented "toString()" methods (and so on)



 * Class with type hint for string
 * @author stev leibelt 
 * @since 2013-08-04
class MyClass
     * @var array
     * @author stev leibelt 
     * @since 2013-08-04
    private $strings = array();

     * Super cool method with type hint for string
     * @author stev leibelt 
     * @since 2013-08-04
    public function addString(\Net\Bazzline\Component\DataType\String $string)
        $this->strings[] = $string;

        return $this;

$myString = new \Net\Bazzline\Component\DataType\String('super cool test string');

$myClass = new MyClass();


  • Extend provided types with classes in own namespace.
  • If you add a super cool method to your type, push it and be a part of the development team


Via Git

cd path/to/my/git/respositories
mkdir -p stevleibelt/php_component_data_type
cd stevleibelt/php_component_data_type

git clone git:// .

Via Composer

require: "net_bazzline/component_data_type": "dev-master"


I started developing this component because of the many casts i have to do while dealing with php's basic data types. As general, i searched the web for existing and easy to use components but could not find them. If you find one, please tell me. Last but not least SplTypes are still experimental.

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